Quality assurance and certification

Our qualified staff carries out thousands of screw examinations and tests annually in a wide range of fields and provides results in professional, clear test reports:



Geometric examination of head, thread and shank
Mechanical tests such as torque or pull-out or pull-through forces
Drive and screw-in tests
Testing of corrosion resistance using salt spray tests (accreditation planned)

Testing of colour fastness according to sample tables

Determination of the thickness of coatings

In addition to individual tests in accordance with customer orders and official initial sample tests (ITT) for screws at AVCP level 4 (e.g. drywall screws), we also offer the "factory production control" (FPC) which is obligatory for manufacturers and certain retailers. For our customers, this means that we check every order or production batch exactly according to standard specifications and provide all the necessary evidence. In this way, we meet the legal requirements for CE labelling for our customers.

Do you want even higher quality?

Then you can have your products tested according to the "AV24 quality seal" specifications.

This test entitles you to affix our AV24 seal of approval to your products to mark them as customer-focused and genuine quality products.  


Following the publication of the European Assessment Document EAD 130118-00-0603, manufacturing plants are no longer subject to regular inspections by notified bodies since the end of 2016.  As a conscious counter-movement to this reduction of the quality assurance level in the area of wood screws, we offer a perfect alternative: A voluntary certificate for manufacturing plants. To this end, the AV24 team – on a voluntary basis – regularly inspects especially Asian manufacturing plants on site and confirms their quality with our AV24 certificate.



For external independent verification of our own quality, the AVVIO test laboratory itself is regularly audited and certified by the the University of Karlsruhe’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.


In 2018 we will furthermore accredit our salt spray tests according to ISO 17025.